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Drawing since 1990-something

Meg has been writing and drawing as long as she could hold a pencil. At school, she was constantly being told off for doodling in her school books and illustrating exam papers. At home, her parents left her to it, and devoted a corner of the house to her crafty, arty mess (aka genius).

Meg has over a decade of experience on private commissions and published illustration works, in everything from portraits to colouring books. Her true artistic love is fantasy art. Now, Meg writes (and lives and breathes) epic fantasy and illustrated fantasy book covers full time; her dream job!

She loves bringing fantastical worlds to life with the written word and digital illustration/mixed media and has covered books for bestselling authors.

When not drawing or writing, she can be found in Yorkshire, where she lives with her (patient and long-suffering) husband, (cheeky and completely adorable) toddler, and two cat overlords. Her other hobbies include reading, walking, and music.




Just like a dragon. Roar!

3 Random Things...

"What's the best item of clothing?"


Much like Dumbledore, one can never have too many socks, nor warm enough feet!

"What 3 items would you take to a desert island?"

1. A kindle. ALL THE BOOKS, mwahaha.

2. An internet connection (see above, tee hee, and also cat memes).

3. A constant supply of cocktails. (What? I wouldn't be working, right?)

"Which fantasy character would you bring to the real world?"

Ooh, tough call! I think life would be better with Mogget (Abhorsen Trilogy, Garth Nix). I mean, who doesn't need a sarcastic, grouchy cat who could also kinda destroy the world?


Custom illustration by Meg Cowley

Bespoke book covers, illustrations, and other graphics by experienced and passionate artist, Meg Cowley.

Copyright © Meg Cowley 2020

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