Custom illustration by Meg Cowley


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Terms & Conditions, and Useful Information

  • A small deposit may be required to secure your slot, which is deductible from the total price of your project.
  • I aim to complete your cover within 3 weeks of your booked start date, subject to approval and edits, which are in addition to this time. The majority of my covers are fully completed, approved, and final files are with you in 5 days or less, but I cannot guarantee this with every cover, as I am only able to work part-time at present. These timescales rely on prompt client replies to correspondence. Delays in replying may result in delays to the completion of your project. If there are delays on my end, I will inform you as soon as is possible, and appreciate your understanding.
  • I offer reasonable edits with every project. In-depth discussion is undertaken before the project is commenced, and mock designs may be submitted for approval. Once a concept has been agreed, minor changes constitute things such as typography edits, changing minor character or background details, or changing colour scheme. More substantial edits, including model changes, stock changes, illustration changes, and up to and including a total change of concept, are not considered ‘reasonable’, and additional fees for extra time and stock will be charged on a project-by-project basis.
  • For packages booked where the full order is not fulfilled at the time of booking (i.e. an eBook + print package where the print specification is not yet known), your extra product (i.e. print cover) will be produced as soon as possible when you supply me with the specifications required - this must be requested within one year of your order. At the time of discussion, I will advise you of production time/delivery schedule, and these are not subject to my typical timescales due to the unpredictable nature of such workload.s
  • All invoiced bookings must be paid within one week of invoicing, or the order may be cancelled.
  • All bookings must be scheduled within 6 months of enquiry to guarantee quoted price, including additional formats (print and audio). If additional formats are scheduled outside this time, it is the designer’s discretion to grandfather rates, unless the scheduling delay is as a result of the designer’s schedule being unable to meet this timescale.
  • I aim for every client to be 100% satisfied, so, if I am not confident I can fulfil your dream cover, I will turn down your project. Please don’t be offended – I want the best for your book, even if that’s not working with me.  :-)


Custom illustration by Meg Cowley

Bespoke book covers, illustrations, and other graphics by experienced and passionate artist, Meg Cowley.

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